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  • Cloud Computing for An Efficient Business Processes
    The growing needs for cloud technology helps many businesses and industry survive this global pandemic. This is seen to complete digital transformation and transitioned from piece-meal approach to holistic end to end digital transformation thru cloud. Cloud computing helps you rent instead of buying your IT.
    Cloud Computing for An Efficient Business Processes admin
    admin on Thursday, November 9, 2023
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    Investing in heavy database, software and hardware will cost you much money and time, wherein you can just opt to access their compute power with the use of internet or cloud and only pay for what you used. Cloud computing helps the business or any organization to focus more on strategic planning rather than giving much time investing on database and software. 

    Types of Cloud Computing

    1.Public cloud - this type of cloud computing environment is created without any owned end user. best example of this cloud providers are Alibaba cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google cloud, IBM cloud. and Microsoft Azure. all clouds become public clouds when the environment is separated or redistributed to numbers or multiple tenants just allowing tenants to use their cloud for free.

    2.Private clouds - this type of cloud computing is dedicated to only single end user or group usually runs behind that users or group's firewall. all clouds become public clouds when the environment or infrastructure is solely given complete isolated access.

    Subtype of Private Cloud

    * Managed Private cloud - this is a cloud delivery option that caters those under skilled IT teams with better private cloud infrastructure and services.

    * Dedicated clouds - this is called a cloud within another cloud

    3. Hybrid clouds - this is a type of cloud computing with a single item environment created out from multiple environments which is connected through different types a wireless network. This is a complex type of cloud computing in which it has requirements that may differ depending on what you ask.

    4.Multiclouds - this is the kind of approach wherein it is made up of more than one cloud service from a cloud vendor whether public or private. All hybrid cloud it's also a multiclouds but not all multiclouds can be hybrid clouds. Multiclouds is now a common type of computing across any enterprises that seeks improvement on their security and performance with a very good, expanded portfolio of environments

    Benefits of Cloud Computing

    a. It reduced IT costs - since you don't have to invest on costly databases, with cloud computing you can reduce your costs by using its resources. The system upgrade is already included in the contract, you don't have to pay for staff for wages, there's a reduce energy consumption and lesser time delays.

    b. Scalability - business can now easily scale up or down without worrying of storage ability. Cloud computing service provider can handle everything for you and no need to buy for expensive upgrades for your business.

    c. Business Continuity -  with cloud computing you can protect your data and systems which helps you for your business continuity planning. Even there might be power failure, or disaster, your data can be kept safe and ensure backed up in a safe and secure location.

    d. Collaboration Efficiency - there's an ease of communication and collaboration even if you're on different location. It helps you share files and records to carry out your task faster and more efficient.

    e. Flexibility of work practices - cloud computing helps you to be flexible in your work practices by having access to data even at home or away for holidays. It is easy to connect to your virtual office quickly.

    f. Access to automatic updates - It is already part of your contract that cloud computing service provider will give you automatic updates, such as up-to-date versions of software and computer processing power. 

    Cloud computing is giving great advantage for every individual as well as for every business owner. Security of information is possible without the need to buy expensive software, and it increase your mobility and flexibility to become more productive and efficient. 

    Get to know more about cloud computing by reading our blogs https://www.nextelle.com.au.

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