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    NBN (National Broadband Network) is Australia's purpose built, with high- capacity broadband which employ a range of technologies across Australia-wide network. This is an upgrade for Australia's phone and internet infrastructure.
    NBN for Better Internet Experience admin
    admin on Thursday, November 9, 2023
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    NBN Home Internet [13]

    Its a fast and reliable internet connection that works towards continues improvement for  homes and businesses.

    Advantages of NBN Home Internet

    1.Higher speed - lets you optimize your usage 

    2.No excess usage charges - no additional charges for over data usage

    3.No lock in contract - you can cancel anytime

    4.More fiber upgrade and regional support - widely used all over Australia


    When choosing your NBN home internet plan ,you should consider, how many users you have in your household in order to fit with your needs at home. If you only have 2 to 3 users, you can choose at least 25/5 mbps, if you have lots of users, you may choose plan with much higher speed.

    The great thing about NBN is that it is widely available for Australians and the installation is free. The cost for installation is covered by the government. However, you need only to pay for the connection fee like hardware set-up and plan. 

    Are you ready to switch? We will assist you to obtain your better online experience.

    Grab now and sign up with us. Visit http://www.nextelle.com.au/ for more information.

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