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  • Home NBN Plans for your Best Home Internet Access
    NBN is purposely designed for the future proof of Australian homes and businesses through replacement of old and dated infrastructure with the new and supercharged connections.
    Home NBN Plans for your Best Home Internet Access admin
    admin on Thursday, November 9, 2023
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    As internet becomes an integral part of our lives both personal and for work, it only justifies that there is a need to build a stronger and faster broadband network especially to Australia because of its geographic location. Many providers today offer home NBN plans so they can sustain and meet the required speed. 

    How to get a home NBN plans

    1. You need to check what service is available at your address

    - your address must be ready to get connected to NBN so you can freely apply for any home NBN plans. 

    2. You need to choose the speed and the monthly plan 

    -Example is Optus. They offer various speed plan monthly. They have standard plus speed with all day internet where you can stream HD quality and fast downloads. This is also suitable for homes with 3-4 people. This type of speed has a monthly bill of $79. 

    - you can check with your chosen provider availability of their home NBN plans and if it fits your monthly required data. 

    Best NBN Plans

    This is based on the recent data per NBN technology used. 

    FTTN (Fibre to the Node)


    Home standard speed plans (NBN50)

    1. Exetel

    2. Optus

    3. iiNet

    Home Fast speed plans (NBN 100)


    2. Aussie Broadband

    FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)


    Home standard speed plans (NBN 50)


    2. Exetel

    3. Telstra

    Home Fast speed plans (NBN 100)

    1. Aussie Broadband


    3. iiNet

    HFC (Cable)


    Home standard speed plans (NBN 50)

    1. Optus

    2. Vodafone

    3. Telstra


    Home Fast speed plans (NBN 100)

    1. Aussie Broadband

    2. Telstra

    3. Optus

    Benefits of NBN for your Home

    a.It offers faster internet connection

    b.It provides distance learning

    c.It helps remote working

    d.It contributes economic growth

    e.It provides entertainment access

    Home NBN plans surely will upgrade your internet experience and will let become effective and efficient. To better see the best home NBN plan for you, you must check how many devices you have in your house that uses internet all at the same time. This will help you assess how much data you can consume for a continuous streaming and browsing. 

    Get to check more NBN offers here at our website https://www.nextelle.com.au.

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